We are lucky to have a full time 26 place Nursery and a 30 place Reception class at Fleet. Each are well staffed and provide a stimuating and nurturing environment for children to start their eductaional journey. We follow the EYFS curriculum and maintain a balance between following personal interests whilst also opening learners up to new experiences and learning opportunities.

    In our Foundation Stage, we strive to achieve the following aims:

    • Create a safe, secure, stimulating learning environment which meets the individual needs and interests of all our children.
    • Provide opportunities through play, which encourage children to develop emotionally, socially, intellectually and physically.
    • Promote good standards of behaviour and interaction with other children and adults.
    • Develop and maintain good partnerships with parents and carers.
    • Continue to build upon what the child has already learned at home, broadening their range of learning experiences and stimulating their curiosity and imagination.
    • Enable each child to develop as a happy, confident and independent learner with a well-developed sense of self-worth, responsibility and community.

    For more information about our foundation stage, we have a handbook for parents that provides further guidance and details.

    Fleet EYFS Handbook

    To read more about the curriculum we follow, please read the DfE document What to Expect, When?

    What to expect, when?