Language is about communication. Learning a modern foreign language is liberation from insularity and provides an opening to other cultures, fosters curiosity and deepens understanding of the world. At Fleet we teach French using a multisensory and kinaesthetic approach. Game playing, role playing, singing, speaking, listening, reading, writing, all help to make the lessons as enjoyable as possible, building confidence and promoting a positive attitude in the children to the learning of another language.

    Children are taught specific skills, concepts and vocabulary in a weekly dedicated lesson at Key Stage 2.

    Intercultural understanding threads through language learning and from Years 3 to 6 links are made with countries where French is or has been a major influence: France, Quebec, Morocco and Vietnam.

    Topics relating to school and everyday life are taught in Years 3 and 4 over two lessons with an oracy and then literacy focus. Years  5 and 6 revise and consolidate the topics covered, building on and extending the language experience. This helps support learners to move from a word and sentence level to reading and writing at text level.

    Children are taught to ask and answer questions, use correct pronunciation and intonation, memorise words, interpret meaning, understand basic grammar, use bi-lingual dictionaries, working in pairs and groups to communicate in the other language. Many of these skills support and enhance the learning of the English language as well as any other languages that the children move on to learn.