Uniform Policy

    Uniform and Clothing

    We do not have a school uniform but we do have some important guidelines.

    Please ensure that your child wears sensible clothing to school and that they are able to dress and undress themselves as we do encourage them to look after themselves as much as possible. Please don’t send your child in special clothes as, in spite of our best efforts and our aprons, clothes can occasionally get spoilt - we have a very active and creative curriculum that can regualrly involve paint, charcoal, clay etc.

    Please take account of the weather each day as your child spends over an hour in the playground during their lunchtime and morning play. In summer we encourage hats and a coating of sun cream before school, and discourage bare shoulders and backs. It is very important to name your entire child’s belongings, especially cardigans, sweatshirts and coats.

    We expect children to do PE in approriate clothing and footwear. Older children (Y5-Y6) we would recommend having clothes to change into, the younger children this is less of an issue. The days of PE lessons is communciated for each class in their curriculum letter at the start of each term.

    Each year some classes take part in daily swimming lessons for a two week block. A letter is sent out ahead of time to any class that is going and included a full description of the kit required - swimsuit, hat etc.