School Opening Hours

    School Opening Hours

    The school office is open from 8am-4.30pm Monday - Friday.  

    Breakfast Club: 8am-8.30am

    Playground Open: 8.30am-9am

    School Day: 9am-3.30pm

    After School Clubs: 3.30pm-4.30pm

    Start of the day…

    We do what we call a ‘soft start’. This means there is no lining up in the playground at 9am. Instead we have a breakfast club children can attend at 8am in the QUBE (the building in the Junior Playground).

    At 8.30am all children can come into school grounds by buzzing through the main gate. There is a member of staff in the playground from this time and children can be left there from this time.

    At 8.45am a bell is rung and the main gate opens and a member of school staff will be on the gate to greet children and families arriving from this point. Classrooms are also open from this time and children and their grown ups are free to go in to class. This is often a good time to pass on a message to the teacher or ask a question as teachers are in the class from this time. However,  bear in mind this is a public conversation—if there is something you require privacy to discuss make an appointment to see the teacher rather than discuss openly in the classroom when there may be other children or adults around.

    Just before 9am the bell is rung again. This means it is time for all remaining children in the playground to make their way up to class and for any grown ups still in class, it is time for them to leave. The children should all be sat on the carpet in their class at 9am for the register to be taken. 

    At 9am the main gate and the green gate into the main area of the school are closed. Any children arriving from this point onwards need to access school via the office and will be marked late in he register. ALL CHILDREN ARE EXPECTED TO BE IN SCHOOL ON TIME. If you do arrive with your child late please do not enter the classroom with them. We want to minimise the disruption caused by latecomers and therefore children should enter the class alone.

    End of the day…

    Nursery—children are collected from 3.25pm. Nursery parents are let in the main gate (by buzzing the office) from 3.20pm. Please do not come in before that time if collecting from Nursery

    Reception-Y6—children finish and  are ready for collection at 3.30pm. The main gate will be opened at 3.25pm for you to come in and wait. Please do not come into school before this time. See below for locations to collect:

    · Reception: Parents should line up along the small picket fence of the reception outdoor area. Children will be released to parents from this outdoor  play area.

    · Year 1: Parents should line up outside the classroom door at the junior playground end of the class.

    · Year 2: Children are released out the door that comes out onto the ramp at the front of school

    · Year 3 & 4: Children will be brought into the junior playground to be released. Please can parents wait in the junior playground, leaving enough room for the year 1 parents and the children to get through

    · Year 5 & 6: Children will be released into the covered area outside the hall. Please can parents wait in this area

    If your child is in year 5 or 6 and you want them to come home on their own, please inform the school office.  Children in younger years should not be travelling home alone.