Music is given a high priority at Fleet and there is a strong culture of participation and enjoyment in this subject throughout the school.

    Every class from nursery to Year 6 has a weekly music lesson facilitated by our specialist music teacher where they are taught singing, playing, composing, experimenting, listening and appreciating music.  There are also weekly singing assemblies for junior and infant classes.

    As part of our ‘Wider opportunity’ provision, all children in Years 3, 4 and 5 have weekly lessons from specialist teachers to learn the ukulele (Yr 3), recorder (Yr 4) and trumpet or trombone (Yr 5). In addition to this individual tuition in a range of instruments is available through teachers provided by the Camden Music Service. There are various in-school music groups including ‘Pitch Perfect’ (singing) and ‘Musical Mash-up’ (instrumental).

    There are numerous opportunities for children to experience music performance in front of an audience including class assemblies, termly music assemblies, inter-school collaborations and borough-wide festivals.