Both history and geography are key strands of our topic-based curriculum and these subjects provide two of the main three topic themes for each KS1 and KS2 class each year. The learning undertaken in history and geography provides a large amount of the subject content developed into pieces of writing in English. For example, when studying the Romans as a history topic, children may write chronological reports of a Roman invasion, descriptions of life in a Roman town, persuasive letters from a slave to an Emperor and fictional stories of a Roman childhood.

    In history children learn about different time periods from the Stone Age up to the modern day, looking at significant events, people and places both in their own locality and the wider world. 

    In doing so they develop an awareness of chronology, change, contrasts and trends in history and learn how to effectively research and present historical information.
    In geography, children develop their knowledge of the world’s physical  geographical features eg climate zones, rivers, mountains, volcanoes, earthquakes and of human geography factors such as settlement ,land use, economic activity and distribution of natural resources. 

    They learn key geographical skills such as map reading and compass directions and learn to locate cities, countries and continents.