Rights Respecting School

    We are working towards gaining our level 1 UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools award. This means we are committed to placing the values and principles of the convention on the rights of the child at the heart of our practise. This means we listen to children's views and include them in decision making. We also plan to integrate the rights of the child into our topic based curriculum, so children know how their rights are and were/were not respected in the past and across the world today.

    To see a copy of the articles we will be discussing with the children, click here.

    In July we achieved our Record of Commitment (ROC). 


    This is the first stage towards becoming a Rights Respecting School and is presented to schools that:
    •have completed their action plan and have it signed off by the headteacher
    •can show they have put in place procedures for monitoring the impact of the initiative
    •have introduced the initiative to the school community – all staff, pupils, governors and parents
    •have a representative steering group composed of adults and pupils to guide, promote and develop the initiative throughout the school

    We are now working towards gaining Level 1 accreditation.

    A school achieving Level 1 has made good progress towards embedding the values and principles of the CRC into its ethos and curriculum. 

    When we believe we have met the standards, an external assessment takes place. Following this, a written report is provided and, where the standards have been met, a certificate is awarded. 


    Our Charters

    In classrooms you will see our class charters. These have been agreed between all the children and adults that work in each room and show the rights and responsibilities we all share.