Catch-Up Premium (Covid-19)

    Covid-19 Catch-Up Premium

    In response to the Covid-19 Pandemic the government released funding to schools for the Academic Year 2020-21 to support pupil 'catch-up'. This funding is also going to be available to support schools in academic year 2021-22.

    At Fleet that money was used to support additional 1-1 and small group teacher in a number of ways. This funding allowed the school to employ an additional intevention teacher to support in maths and english for 2 days a week for the whole school year. The types of support given were:

    • Identifying student gaps and planning targetted provision to support in these areas - both through 1-1 and small group support with a teacher
    • Offering pre learning opportunities for children (led by a teacher out of class) who had fallen behind so as to prepare for new information

    Children were regualrly assessed throughout the year to identify those best suited to this support. Where attendance was good this support was seen to show progress in the targetted areas. When further lockdowns or bubble closures (or individual Covid-related absence) was an issue the support was not as effective as to many sessions were missed to enable the 'cathc-up' to have the desired effect.